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Taiwan_Workshop Teahouse 2.0: Procedural Architecture

ETH CAAD and NCTU IAR have held a joint workshop “Teahouse 2.0” in the spring of 2012, which explore a new threshold of computational design and digital fabrication in the realm of education. Three teams from NCTU IAR and ETH CAAD designed and built 3 experimental “Teahouses”. Most of the group of MAS CAAD 1112 participated in this intense 2-week workshop in Taiwan. Continue reading


Following an invitation of Keisuke Toyoda , most of the MAS group  participated in an intense two week  workshop in Taipei/ Taiwan, hosted by  NCTU (National Chiao Tung University). The rest of the group took advantage of the gap between  this event and the upcoming workshop in OPU (Okayama Perfectural University)  organized by Makoto Sei Watanabe and travelled to Tokyo for some days. There, they got  further insight and a closer look into diverse architectural sights  that vary from the vernacular to contemporary masterpieces and get familiar with the cultural achievements of the edo period. During this short time they paid a visit to Noiz Architects, where they had the oppoutunity to look from”inside-out”  the work of an innovative japanese practice. Thank you for hosting!

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M6_Towards the Final Design

The departure point of the project is to create an interactive installation, that would have a certain behavior that would vary depending on external factors like the distance of the viewer or the intensity of sunlight. Each group conduced a series of explorations, in order to further investigate the properties of the materials. The decision was met to combine the electroluminescent foils and the Dye sensitized solar cells in an origami based surface, while the bioplastic group would develop the structural system of the installation. As far as the electoactive polymer elements are concerned, after further experiments concerning the material and the thickness of the frame,the initial wish of having them moving parts of the origami surface proved not realistic as the performance of the material could not allow it.  Consequently,  the design team proposed to array them on the ground level in order to form a “moving” landscape.

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London trip 16/1-20/1/2012

London field trip is over…. After this full week, between 16/1-20/1/2012, thirteen of the MAS students returned back to Zurich with their baggage packed with many beautiful experiences and numerous nice photos!

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M3_final presentations on romantic processing

Module 3 has concluded and the results have been uploaded on the internet. Here you can watch the presentation videos of the students’ exercizes on romantic processing.

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a warm wellcome back…

…to the science city
After another intense week in Schlieren,the last brick was finally cut yesterday and therefore the decision was made, that more time is needed for the proper completion of the final assembly. Considering the fabrication module as an “undisclosed case”, the MAS1112 team retreated back in hoengeberg and the warm premises of HPZ to go on with the programming module.

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