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M3_final presentations on romantic processing

Module 3 has concluded and the results have been uploaded on the internet. Here you can watch the presentation videos of the students’ exercizes on romantic processing.

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M3_romantic.. processing

Having experimented with processing on a medieval and renaissance environment, the next step was to proceed in the baroque and romantic era.
In romanticism everything gets coordinated, properties are put on the media and elements are orchestrated to each other. The ability to manage all these populations is given to us by the use of numbers on arrays, while swarms of elements can even be set free from rigid arithmetics.
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Schlieren update!


After a huge effort these last days, and the gradual overcoming of certain drawbacks that were constantly appearing, all teams worked hard together to prepare, cut, label and finally glue and assemble the bricks into the final pieces. Given the difficulties of building such complex shapes along with the lack of basic masonry skills we were only able to build half of the final design.  On Monday morning,  after pausing the robot for some hours to let the dust settle down and be able to clean up the Knochenhalle, the scheduled presentation took place.

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