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et voila….

Et voila…. the long awaited moment has come! The whole structure is at last fully assembled and self-standing! Continue reading

Nearing completion

After the end of the second module the labor towards a finished construction continued. The enthusiasm is still present! The working shifts had to be reorganized, since the next module has already started. Little by little the structure is realized by  teams comprized of three-four people . So, what’s next? The assembly of the roof . The last piece to be assempled and fitted  on the rest of the structure.  The goal?  To have the finished piece in place before christmass!

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From Dusk Till Dawn

One day before the extension period expires and the Kuka robot is working non stop. Apart from the opportunity to see the dawn in Schlieren campus, we are more than excited to see the final geometry coming to shape. The team seems to be tuned in the right work-flow… Continue reading

Schlieren update!


After a huge effort these last days, and the gradual overcoming of certain drawbacks that were constantly appearing, all teams worked hard together to prepare, cut, label and finally glue and assemble the bricks into the final pieces. Given the difficulties of building such complex shapes along with the lack of basic masonry skills we were only able to build half of the final design.  On Monday morning,  after pausing the robot for some hours to let the dust settle down and be able to clean up the Knochenhalle, the scheduled presentation took place.

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Hands On !

With the end of the competition and the beginning of the second week, the operations were transferred to the CAAD facilities in Schlieren , were the Kuka robot is situated. The team was introduced to the robot operations, had a first look on the material and made the first test pieces, incising an ytong block with a jigsaw attached to the Kuka’s arm. Continue reading