Team 1112


1.Ageeva Katia / b.17.11.1981 /

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2.Alvarez‐Marin Diana / b.21.11.1980 /

Diana holds a DPLG Master degree in Architecture from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, France. Granted with honours, her diploma thesis explores the influence of Metropolisation phenomena (here described as “Metapolisation”) in the mutation and performance of cities in a “global to local” perspective. After her master studies, Diana has actively participated in workshops within the EPFL and the Architectural Association. Her multicultural personal background and lateral thinking, as well as her fascination for cities, systems, complexity and abstraction, have led her academic and professional parcours. Diana has collaborated with international practices such as OMA and group8 in association with SOM. She understands architecture as a process, not a product, where what really matters aren’t shapes in space but the relations within it, the feed‐back loop between architecture and the systems embedded in it. Her aspiration is to become a researcher‐architect. She loves electronically fabricated music.


3. Argyropoulos Orestis / b.08.05.1981 /

Orestis holds a diploma in Architecture with an Honors Distinction from University of Thessaly, Greece, since 2009. He gained professional experience in various offices for three years, with an internship in Atelier 66 Architects. Since 2010 he realized several projects as a registered architect and his work (in collaboration with K.Mavrogeorgi Architects) was exhibited in the Biennale of Young Greek Architects. He has attended classes in Städelschule, Frankfurt and he is currently enrolled in “Computer Aided Architectural Design” Master course in ETH,Zurich.

4. Azariadi Stella / b.16.05.1984 /

Stella Azariadi acquired her diploma in architecture with an Honors Distinction from Architecture Department of the University of Thessaly, in 2010. During her studies and through the conduction of her special research topic and Master thesis, her interest has focused on small scale constructions and on computers as a tool for controlling design and construction parameters in the digital continuum.  In that direction, she participated in numerous national and international workshops. She is an active member of Team [K]-onstruction of the University of Thessaly, with which, during the years of her studies, she participated in the design and construction of the geodesic dome-artificial sky of the Department of Architecture, an experience that she is currently trying to evolve in collaboration with her collaborator, by the use of digital tools. The results of their research have been published in the international conference of eCAADe 2011 in Ljubljana and in the 7th National Conference on Steel Structures 2011 in Volos. She is currently participating in ‘Building Structures’, a pilot project for the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly.



5. Chen Tianyi / b.01.10.1987 /

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6. Chiu Yun-Ying / b.11.06.1984 /

Chiu Yunying is the current student of ETH, MAS CAAD, Zürich. She holds a master degree in NCTU, Taiwan. During the period of study, she evolved into several exhibitions and research projects. Beside the school cooperation experiences, she worked for some architects during the summer and winter vacations, such as Taipei office of Noiz and J. J. Pan and Partners Architects & Planners. Moreover, she is a exhibition planner and 3D simulation designer, who worked for the artist, Wen-Shu Lai.

Link: Chiu Yunying

7. Damjanovic Ivana / b.08.10.1985 /

Ivana holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture from Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade. During her studies, she developed interest in design processes that can lead to unexpected conclusions in terms of geometry. She was a member of architecture design team “Optimisti” for the project „City code“for Serbian pavilion for the World EXPO Exhibition in Shanghai, has done internship in ACCENT DG in Beirut, Lebanon. Upon her graduation Ivana was invited to join 4of7 Architecture practice led Professor Djordje Stojanovic, and was also hired 3ARH+ architecture office in Belgrade. With a group of friends-colleagues successfully participates in architecture competitions, exploring “blurring boundaries” effect of digital design approach in reference to use of principles from other disciplines such as mathematics, biology, ecology and etc. in architecture.

8. Martínez García Pepo/ b.24.10.1981 /

José holds higher degree in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He received his diploma in 2008 in buildings specialization. During his diploma studies, he has collaborated with the Service Installation Department in the Faculty of Architecture of Valencia and several architecture firms in Valencia. In the past three years he has worked as an internship in different offices in Zürich and Berlin where his collaboration in the “Brandenburger Tor” was exhibited in the AEDES Gallery of Berlin. In early 2010 He obtained his diploma  such a technician in services installations buildings and He has worked in an urban development such as freelance architect in Valencia.


9. Mezari Melina / b.13.03.1983 /

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10. Miskeljin Bojana/ b.19.05.1982/

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11. Pantazis Evangelos / b.17.10.1985 /

Evangelos holds a master degree in Architecture from Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki/ Greece. He  has also graduated from the MOKUME school in 2007, where he was trained as a jeweler. During his studies, he had the opportunity to engage with the broader spectrum of architecture (urban planning, conservation, architectural design) but mainly focused on parametric design and its implementation through algorithmic and fabrication processes . Moreover he tried to broaden his perspectives by living and working abroad (Brasil, Austria, Germany). He is a co-founder of Topotheque design collective, a young practice that works on the fields of architecture, furniture and graphic design. On February 2009 he launched “Vagio” an exhibition on jewelry and fashion design with Ioli Michalopoulou in Athens. The last year he had been working as an architect for Studio Pei-Zhu in Beijing China.


12. Predojevic Stanislava / 11.05.1986 /

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13. Psaltis Stylianos /21.11.1987 /

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14. Radovanovic Meda /27.04.1982 /

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15. Rohlek Daniel/ 19.09.1977/

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16. Roman Miro / 03.04.1983 /

MIRO ROMAN was born in 1983 in Zagreb. He received Master’s degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. He has participated in numerous award-winning urban and architectural competitions. Since 2004 he has collaborated with Luka Vlahović. In 2009/2010 was employed by Hpnj+, an architectural office in Zagreb. He is currently doing a specialization in “Computer Aided Architectural Design” ETH ARCH/CAAD in Zürich.


17. Rodríguez Castro Mauricio/ b: 26.06.1984 /

Mauricio holds a bachelor in architecture from Veritas University in San José, Costa Rica. He received his diploma in 2009, obtaining a Honors Distinction with his Graduation Project. During his studies he has collaborated with several professional offices, including an internship at Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris, in 2008. He has pursued his interest towards the relation of architecture and technology, specifically with information as the organization of matter and intent. In this pursuit he has attended several workshops and seminars such as the Smart Geometry 2010 in Barcelona. In the past two years he has worked as an architect for two architecture firms in Costa Rica. His work was exhibited in the London Festival of Architecture Showcase (as part of Architectural Transmissions exhibition by Murillo más Sanabria Arquitectura) and at the Working Prototypes Exhibition at Design Hub, Barcelona (as part of the Smart Geometry Group Showcase). He holds a teaching position at Veritas University where he also collaborates as a researcher.



18. Seppänen Teemu / b.00.00.0000/


19. Soosalu Grete / b. 29.10.1985 /

Grete holds a Masters degree in architecture and city planning from Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. During the school years Grete spent two semesters as a visiting student in Zurich and worked at an Estonian architecture office 3+1 architects. Since 2010, Grete has been a founding member of the creative studio b210 and has been involved in tutoring at Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian University of Life Sciences. In cooperation with colleagues from the academy she has carried out several urban installations of which the latest – the „O“ – travelled in summer 2011 to Helsinki, Moscow and St. Petersburg.